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Arabian Ladina For Industries Co. LTD.Arabian Ladina for industrials Co. Ltd. , was a part of Mazin M Bahareth Org. group , until it separated to become an independent factory , specialized in the Recycling field, Production and Distribution of all type of Polymers ,coming from Plastic and Textile, for Saudi Arabia’s most rapidly growing polymer with total consumer based purchasing power of over Millions of Dollars.Ladina Factory , Branch of Mazin M. Bahareth Org. (MBO) Industries is excited to announce that the company is embarking into a new business direction with the new business name Arabian Ladina for industrials Co. Ltd.. The Company is making an aggressive move into the multi-billion-dollar being in a growing day to day necessity and vast fields of Polymers , Plastic and Textile Industries. Arabian Ladina for industrials Co. Ltd. generates several metric tons per year in product sales with an estimated consumer based purchasing power well topping over one million worldwide.Arabian Ladina for industrials Co. Ltd. is committed to provide the best quality forms of plastic materials to the hundreds of world wide consumers. preparing to stand at the forefront for Plastic Consumer Market, offering a wide range of Polymers under taking services. Arabian Ladina for industrials Co. Ltd. is poised to build its management team by attracting professionals with extensive experience in this dynamically growing plastic and textile industry’s sector.In ShortWhat we can do?Arabian Ladina can build long-term business relationships with its customers by supplying them with the needed plastic raw materials on a regular basis and stable quality.
What we can offer?Our Main ActivitiesCollecting Plastic and Textile Scrap from Saudi Arabian Manufacturing Industries.Recycling Plastic and Textile by using our facilities of recycling machinery, such as Washing Line, Recycling and Palletizing Line, Crusher & Shredders, Agglomerate, Balers .. etc, Our Factory and Warehouses in different cities of Saudi Arabia.Providing Different type of Plastic and Textile Scrap, Reprocessed, Recycled , Off-specification and Prime materials.Distributing our products all over the world.We already built a strong market connection internationally such as with Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.